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national polymer formed a strategic alliance with Light Curable Coatings creating a powerful Development Organization uniquely positioned to create innovative, custom designed, UV cured roll coatings with performance not previously seen with existing products.  Members of this alliance have already delivered advanced technology through the development of direct coatings for aerospace applications, security and electronic devices, automotive parts, as well as protective coatings for infrastructure and buildings, including structural members, floors and countertops. Now, we are bringing this expertise to the roll coating process.
For decades, LCC has been an innovator in the field of UV coatings. Similarly, np has developed novel, custom products for hundreds of clients. A short list of some of the innovations and accomplishments of alliance members include the following:
  • Conducted multiple R&D Projects for
    Governmental Organizations and
    Laboratories including the DOD,
    EPA, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories,
    Sandia National Laboratory,

    and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Authored numerous Technical Articles
    on UV curable coatings.
  • Created new technology resulting over
    40 Patents.
  • Member of the BP America Inventors Hall of Fame.
  • Engineered and produce novel, customized roll coated laminate products used in Architectural Markets for mold mitigation, including building wraps and roofing products.
  • Designed and produce unique, customized, FDA compliant adhesives for the Food Packaging Industry.
  • Collaborated in the development of  FDA compliant UV curable coatings for the Restaurant Industry.
Finally, it is always critical that the transition phase from Lab to Production is handled properly. This phase is referred to as Scale-up. It is a critical step in any Development effort. If its handled correctly, your new product will move into Production and be a commercial success. We, at national polymer, are experts at scale-up. We have assembled a team of professionals, capable of merging chemical processes with mechanical realities. Our team consists of not only chemical engineers, but also mechanical and electrical. Together, we have been able to improvise equipment that enables new and challenging process techniques to be implemented successfully.
As you’re scaling the barriers of implementation, make national polymer part of your team!
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