national polymer focuses on polymeric materials, adhesives and coatings and uses nanotechnology as a tool to improve performance of these systems

national polymer is an R&D/Custom Manufacturing Company. We focus on polymeric materials, adhesives and coatings; employing state of the art technologies to improve performance of these systems.

national polymer consists of two entities, national polymer laboratories and national polymer development company. national polymer laboratories is the R&D arm of our business, specializing in new formulations with improved performance characteristics, understanding the root cause for product failures, and gaining formulatory details and cost information on competitive products.  national polymer laboratories also works with clients interested in advancing the state of their technology, enabling them to gain access to new applications and markets. We utilize nanotechnology that enables us to provide unique solutions to clients. By tailoring the polymer design to match your requirements, and applying nanotechnology to deliver new and improved properties, we can move you ahead of your competitors.


national polymer laboratories was founded as a strategic alliance with a major analytical company, and analytical chemistry remains a mainstay of our business. Our senior PhD chemists specializing in polymers analytical methods and polymer synthesis maintain a direct relationship with the analytical departments of several top universities. This provides our clients with the support of highly skilled chemists, engineers, material scientists, and industry experts; all focused on providing solutions to your difficult challenges.


national polymer development company is a Custom Products Manufacturing Company, focusing on the scale-up and production of the custom products we developed for you, our customer. We are committed to maintaining the proper equipment and skills needed to move a product from concept to reality. Whether your product is made at our Production Facility or at one of our partner locations, we are committed to getting you in business - fast.  By combining our in-depth knowledge of your formula or construction, with the most suitable processing equipment and techniques available, we provide our customers with the best product for the best price.

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