We don’t just submit a report, we produce a Product!

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national polymer laboratories was formed as a strategic alliance with a leading analytical company. This spirit lives on at national polymer. Our analytical efforts are headed up by a high level PhD Polymer Chemist with many years of experience heading up analytical laboratories. By utilizing a wide array of state of the art equipment at several Universities, we are able to de-convolute even the most complex formulations.

The analytical tools available when you choose to work with us include:

Spectroscopy: IR, Ramon IR, MS, XPS, XRF, EDS. ICP, XRD, NMR

Chromatography: GC, IC, GPC, LC

Microscopy: Optical, SEM, FESEM, TEM, AFM

Thermal Analysis:DSC, MDSC, DMA, DTA, TMA, DEA, TGA

Mechanical Analysis:Tensile, Compression, Flexural, Peel, Shear, Tack

Wet Chemical Methods: Acid No. Hydroxyl No. Sap No. Amine No. Epoxy Content, Iodine No.

Elemental Analysis: ICP-MS, EDS, XRF, wet methods

And more!

We employ these resources to reverse engineer any polymer based product, including adhesives, coatings, and other polymeric systems. By using these resources, we give our clients a real advantage through competitive intelligence.


We don’t just provide an analytical report.


 We move to the next level by providing re-formulation information; including formulations, supplier

information, and testing to ensure that the re-formulated product is as good, or better, than your competitor’s. We can also assist with Intellectual Property opportunities and the manufacturing of your product.  The range of analytical capabilities available to national polymer is extensive. More importantly, our ability to utilize this information to produce a tangible, sellable product is unprecedented. Our level of experience and depth of knowledge gives national polymer a significant advantage over other contract R&D, consulting, and custom manufacturing companies.

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