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When it comes time to produce your custom product, national polymer is ready. We have the ability to produce small to large sized batches. Whether you need a gallon or a tote, we can accommodate. For coated products, we can produce in widths from a few inches wide to formats over five foot wide by thousands of yards long. And if the end

product is a solid, we can

produce from a few

pounds to gaylord sizes.

Using equipment on site

in our Production Facility,

or through close

cooperation with partner

companies,we can deliver!

Whether your custom

product requires liquid

compounding, web based coating, spray coating, powder coating, dip coating,

spin coating, electrostatic deposition, liquid casting, calendaring, extrusion casting, extrusion compounding, milling, or grinding; we can help! 

An equally important aspect of Product Manufacturing is testing for Quality. Our Quality Assurance Team is dedicated to making certain that your product meets your expectations. We test performance parameters to certify that your product behaves as it was designed to. These parameters include the standard items such as percent solids, grind, viscosity, hardness, and cleanliness; and they also include practical tests to ensure proper performance in the field. Parameters such as cure, adhesion, abrasion resistance, hydrophobicity, permeability, tensile, elongation, flexibility, etc. are routinely tested.

We know your needs, we designed your product!

At national polymer, we not only design novel products customized to your needs, we implement them. In order to accomplish this, we must be flexible; and we are! We are constantly adding capabilities in our Production facility, and we’re ISO compliant and have cleanroom capabilites. Visit us and see. We welcome our customers. 

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