When it comes to the implementation of new technology, we won’t leave you hanging!  To discuss with a chemist, call us: 800-679-0477
Scale-up is a critical step in the development process. If it's handled correctly, your product will move into Production and be a commercial success. We, at national polymer, are experts at scale-up. We have assembled a team of professionals, capable of merging chemical processes with mechanical realities. Our team consists of not only chemical engineers, but also mechanical and electrical. Together, we have been able to improvise equipment that enables new and challenging process techniques to be implemented successfully. With our customer’s goals in mind, we work with existing service providers and equipment manufacturers to move these processes and products into full production. Whether you choose to scale-up in-house at your facility, at our facilities, or at a third party off-site location, we can help. We are very familiar with the scale-up process. We have a team dedicated to it. Below is a list of processes we utilize:
    • Polymerization

    • Compounding

    • Coating

    • Casting

    • Extrusion

    • Lamination

    • Converting

    • Encapsulation

As you’re scaling the barriers of implementation, make national polymer part of your team! 
When it comes to the implementation of new technology, we won’t leave you hanging! 
Polymeric materials are our business!

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