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Our world is an amazing and wonderful gift, endowed to us by our creator. With this gift comes responsibility. In order to preserve our planet, we must all be good stewards. We, the people of national polymer, understand this. We make it our job to keep abreast of the guidance given by worldwide environmental protection organizations including:

CEPA: Canada
EEA: European Union
SEPA Chinese

European Directives including WEEE and RoHS initiatives.

At national polymer, we understand the need for environmentally friendly materials. We understand that our clients are under pressure to market products that are safe for their customers and for the environment. We have worked with numerous companies to develop products with superior performance while simultaneously minimizing the impact on the environment, giving our clients a real competitive edge. We do this by applying sound stewardship principles in our development strategies, coupled with the latest chemical and polymer technologies. Some of these strategies include:

RoHS Compliant formulations

Water based formulations

Warm melt formulations
Extrusion technologies

100% solids systems
UV curable systems

Heavy Metal free formulations

High solids formulations
Low V.O.C. formulations
Hot melt formulations

Non-V.O.C. solvents


And we do this without losing sight of the performance goals.

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