At national polymer, our technology platforms

are based on polymeric systems.

Our extensive knowledge of these materials is based on a deep understanding of the structure-property relationships that govern the many classes of polymers we utilize. We apply this knowledge to the of polymeric systems including adhesives and coatings.  We form polymers using a variety of materials including epoxy, urethane, acrylic, phenolic, silicones, fluorinated systems, ceramers, and high performance thermosets. We deliver them from water

based, solvent based, and 100%  solids systems.  We

cure them through all means including thermal energy, light energy, moisture catalysis,anaerobic conditions, and the energy of reaction.  We formulate these building blocks into a variety of products including adhesives, coatings, sealants, and more. We tailor them to your particular application needs. .

Our clients come to us from every market. In the Health and Beauty segment, we have developed improved products for make-up, false eyelashes, hair extensions, and fingernails. In the Oil and Gas area, we have developed coatings, sealants, and wraps for piping and high temperature, abrasion resistant coatings for drilling equipment. We have developed superhydrophobic coatings and treatments for ice prevention for the power industry; soil stabilization and dust suppression treatments for roadways; agricultural foam for freeze protection of fruit trees;

FDA compliant adhesives for food packaging; edible adhesives for food applications, air permeable laminates for power supplies, weld replacement adhesives for  oven fabrication, non-VOC “green” adhesives for the musical instruments, dust prevention coatings for consumer products, specialty cleaners, friction reduction coatings, lubricants and the list goes on and on. 

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