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At national polymer, polymers are our business! We use them to formulate, engineer, and design new and improved products for our clients. We utilize all classes of polymers in an effort to design the best system to meet your needs. We are well versed in epoxy, urethane, acrylic, polyester, phenolic, polyolefin, rubber, silicone, fluoropolymers systems and many more. We cure these systems through simple drying or by thermal, light, and moisture activation methods. We work in water based, solvent based, and 100% solids systems. We process these systems using any means necessary including spraying, coating, casting, extruding, and molding technologies. We formulate, synthesize, and engineer your system to perform. Whether it is an improved coating, adhesive, or specialty polymer, we can deliver.

Our team of experts has the education, training, and skill needed to create novel systems designed to meet your needs. We have a full staff dedicated to this. For details on these individuals, see our

TEAM  page. We offer our services through a variety of Development Programs. These Programs vary in cost based upon the degree of ownership of Intellectual Property desired; see our Development Programs Page. 

We carry out this work using a traditional Project Management System known as the Stage-Gate Process.  At national polymer, we understand that deliverables matter so we tie our billings to project milestones. These milestones are reviewed at each gate between specific stages of the development, and billed accordingly. 

We would be happy to discuss these Programs with you further when you contact us. 

Polymeric materials are our business!


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