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Development Programs:

national polymer laboratories develops polymeric based products for our clients on a custom basis.
Our technology encompasses many sectors, although we are particularly
focused on adhesives, sealants, coatings and coated products.
We conduct these development efforts under a variety of conditions
designed to meet our clients’ particular needs as a business.


national polymer laboratories offers the following development programs:


Technology and Product Development:


  1. Contract R&D: Comprehensive Development Effort. The client owns the IP.

  2. Custom Product Development: Comprehensive Development Effort. NP retains the IP.

  3. Rapid Implementation: Abbreviated Development Effort. NP retains the IP.


Toll and Contract Manufacturing:


  1. Toll Manufacturing: NP produces your product. Client handles all support activities.

  2. Contract Manufacturing: NP produces your product and NP handles all support activities


Hybrid Programs:


  1. Contract R&D with a Manufacturing Agreement: This program is similar to Contract R&D except in this case, a Manufacturing Agreement allows for favorable pricing on the Development Effort. Recommended when a Patent is being pursued.

  2. Custom Product Development with Formulatory Ownership: This program is similar to Custom Product Development except the ownership of the formula is transferred to the client after a specific sales target is met. Not recommended for Patent situations.


Technology Transfer:


  1. Technology Transfer: For clients who opted for Custom Product Development, who later desire to own the formulation, we offer Technology Transfer Options. This option is meant to be a safeguard if formulatory ownership ever becomes absolutely necessary.


Retainer Program – Work for Hire:


  1. Retainer Program: The Retainer Program is for consulting, analytical, engineering and formulatory work that does not conform with our standard Programs. It is fundamentally a “Work For Hire” situation. With this Program you purchase hours. The rate is hourly and there is 50 hour minimum. Additional hours are bought in blocks of 25 hours blocks.

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